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Trying To Buy Your Way Out of Financial Dilemmas

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I was just catching up on some news as usual from various sites and one thing that kept coming in-front of me were all these articles about managing debt and how you should buy these kits that cost about $200 to teach you basic information on how people get into debt so that you avoid it yourself. This was targeting people that were in debt too. I was thinking how ironic that kit is in many ways as I would think spending that much money would just place you in a deeper hole financially as my assumption is that most people get into debt cause they keep buying stuff that they can’t really afford in the first place.

I guess the real question is how do you get out of that habit where you think that you can always just buy your way out of a financial dilemma? For myself I usually have the mentality where if I got myself into a mess then I should rightfully try my best to find a way to solve it with my own energy and effort with the current resources that I have available.

This has to be a lifestyle habit in general, in my opinion. For example, if you are running a business and you need more revenue for whatever reason I’m sure it would sound pretty odd where instead of focusing on capturing more market share and working on the company’s spending habits you instead spend thousands on a seminar that promises to teach you how companies get into debt in the first place. That just seems like an odd direction to go with.

No real difference in your personal life I say if you are trying to get out of a financial pickle. If you don’t have a lot of money shouldn’t the first reaction be to just look at yourself and to find out where it is all going to? You don’t need to spend money to find that out. And hey, it’s free to do if you get into the habit of assessing yourself and your situations. From there you can usually come up with a lot of solutions to your issues.

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