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Trying New Tech If You Have To Buy New Replacements

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Recently my dad was saying how his rice cooker didn’t seem to be performing very well anymore as it was taking over an hour to cook some rice. So he asked if I could potentially get him one that he saw on a flyer where it was about $70. I was thinking for $70 he could get one of those Instant Pot machines that can do rice and so much more quickly. He was hesitant at first where it may be too complex. So what I did was gave him mine to try out.

His first shock was that he could cook the rice in about fifteen minutes versus an hour. It was almost the same thing too in terms of just washing the rice, put it in and then click a button. He seemed kind of excited to try it for the next few days to see if it works out. I would imagine it should. It makes me think how if you have to spend all this money to buy something knew it may be a good idea to get the modern day items versus just what you are used to. It can make life so much easier in many ways.

Especially if you have to spend a lot of money on a lifestyle item of sort that you use all the time. Reminds me how even my mom didn’t want to use things like an e-mail and now she can’t live without it. If you just need to learn how to use it I am sure you can always find someone in your social circle to teach you.

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