Trying Every Reason To Sell A Package

Trying Every Reason To Sell A Package

Today I went o the electronics store just to buy some speaker cables. Upon checkout the salesmen asked if I used Bell or Virgin Wireless for my Cell phone. That was an odd question I thought since that has nothing to do with audio cables. As it turned out, he was trying to see if he could get me to sign up for cell phone services with those companies as I assume they would get some generous commissions.

I actually just told him upfront that he isn’t going to be able to offer a better deal since the plan I was on with a different carrier is pretty much a grandfathered plan. For example, unlimited calling in Canada and the US plus unlimited data. Despite this and knowing he can’t offer anything better price wise, he then asked me if I got good service reception as the carrier I am with isn’t as large as the big companies. It did work fine for me though.

It made me wonder if that tactic actually ever worked where someone was willing to go with more expensive plan on the spot with the promise of getting better signals. As well, you can see how many sales points a company can develop as a way to hopefully take another company’s customers. Many times it is more than just money that can sway people to make a switch. They get A for effort at least I guess you can say.

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