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Trusting A Person’s Word To Stay On Budget

Recently I had to pay for some professional services where at the moment I am unsure how long it will take. The only thing I could reasonably instruct is that it should in no way go over the amount that I am willing to put as a deposit. I was told verbally though that the project seems like it won’t take much time at all and his goal will definitely be to make it fast and efficient. As well, he gave me his word that he won’t go over budget.

It’s always so scary financially when you use services where the business or person can’t give you a hard quote of the job. Imagine like planning a wedding where people tell you they don’t know how much it will cost at the end of the day but what they will need is at least say $20,000 to get started. What I always fear personally in these situations is many people will create work for themselves to justify using up the whole budget as opposed to being sensitive to your money and trying to save as much of it as possible.

That’s the bad part of being the honest guy when it comes to money and all as you can only hope that the person you are working with has an equal amount of integrity. But, I have done my research and have experience with this organization and so I am hoping they will continue to meet my expectations. It’s always nice when the vendor or supplier tells you they were able to do it for less.

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