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Treating Certain Jobs As A School That Pays You

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I was talking to someone today who was complaining about a bad experience with a company where for the time he has been there he had been training a lot of new people who surprisingly received a higher starting wage than he had. As a result, he eventually quit and has been unemployed since where he did not want to be taken advantage of financially again.

The unfortunate thing for him is that he didn’t have have a certificate from an institution and in many cases that gives an employer a reason to pay one less regardless if they have the skill to do the job. I was telling him that another way of looking at this too is if you are looking for a job without already having spent a lot of time in a school that you could treat the job as a school that is paying you. So even if you are being paid what you think is way too low, if you really need the experience to build up your resume and never spent thousands of dollars on an education consider this as free training to prove yourself and do better things.

I know many people do this when it comes to things like management jobs where you can either choose to spend thousands learning how to do it to then be placed in a management program in a company or you can start entry level and build your skills that way.

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