Too Many Sales Events Creating Hesitation or Not

Too Many Sales Events Creating Hesitation or Not

Black Friday sales aren’t even over yet but so many companies are already announcing Cyber Monday sales. Since the sales are so close to each other it’s funny to see that some are labeling it as a Black Friday week sale as well as an early Cyber Monday sale. Try wrapping that around your head. From what I have seen it actually can cause confusion in people on whether or not this is all just a normal weekly sale now like always.

It reminds me of the other point where this year it seems like a lot of companies delayed releasing any Black Friday flyers too early where I would imagine it can cannibalize current weekly sales. But with that said it should theoretically mean people would be able to decide immediately on what the best deals are for these days to make a determination if the want to buy now.

You can’t win them all and satisfy everyone as well which comes to mind. So sometimes you just have to choose a route and sick with it knowing a group of people will not be receptive to it.

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