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Too High of A Spending Limit Per Day

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I was surprised when I heard this today as one of my friends was saying if he knew what he knows today about finance he would probably be a home owner by now. He went on to say how before he was spending like $200 a day on things like dining where he openly admits how that was crazy. Another person chimed in on that comment and said how that wasn’t that much at all. Of course I was so shocked at that comment. She clarified after that she thought the $200 was for the whole day if you include things like shopping at the store.

Even if it was I was thinking isn’t $200 outrageously high to spend in one day as a result of “normal” daily spending habits? Most people probably don’t even make that much a day at a job. I think under a normal circumstance splurging $30 a day is probably too much for an average person. By splurging in this case I mean doing random purchases such as buying a snack or some kind of random entertainment item that you just passed by and not say doing your grocery shopping.

This is one of those situations where you are probably less likely to follow a budget if like here you just say to yourself “I can only spend this much.” Funny enough, I think a good way to get you to naturally spend less is to become more aware of the sales and discounts that are available and realizing how much you can get for like $200 by really understanding what a good deal is. I know that is kind of the opposite of what others would probably say such as stay away from all the stores. In many ways though, the more knowledgeable you are about how far your money can go the more likely you will naturally want to spend it in ways that will give you the best return.

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