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Tips And Gratuities For Paid Expensive Services

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In many cases giving a tip is a good way to show that you enjoyed the service that the company provided a lot while helping the employee to hopefully earn more. But recently I noticed so many companies actually ask if you would like to leave a tip or gratuities for basic services that you paid a lot of money for. As an example, imagine you booked some airline tickets to travel for a vacation that costs hundreds of dollars. Then during the checkout they ask if you would like to tip the pilots. Doesn’t that seem a bit much?

I noticed this has popping up even for things like bus and shuttle services as well where it’s pretty expensive as it is and they seem to make a pretty decent margin considering how many people they are serving in one ride. Do you think asking for tips in this case is alright per se where it’s one of those if you don’t ask then it’s a missed opportunity?

The whole tipping subject never seems to be consistent whenever I think about it. I guess the best example is you often tip the waiter because the notion is they get low pay but someone in a fast food restaurant wouldn’t even be on the radar in most instances to get a tip. Is it more about getting money by shaming people per se as opposed to the notion of giving something extra because you want to in a sense help out? In many cases it seems like it is losing its purpose.

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