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Is It Time To Have A 3D Printer?

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Today I had a lens cover where one part of it broke off to the point where the cover can’t snap on to the main unit anymore. Therefore my first thought was to either buy a new one or to try and glue this small part back together. A person I was with then made a comment how he can just 3D print that for me if I wanted. I was then thinking how I heard another person say the exact same thing for something else not too long ago. Kind of made me wonder, am I behind the times where people should have a 3D printer in their household?

From what I see they are pretty pricey still for the home user where units can still range in the four figures category. But the savings to actually print out objects can sure be a lot cheaper. Apparently there are a ton of schools and organizations nowadays where students can use them for free too. That’s how a lot of people are getting to 3D print replacement parts for free.

In many ways it makes me feel I should be researching more into 3D printers now. Though as usual for things super expensive like this I usually need a business reason of sorts to justify such a big expense.

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