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The Thought of Having A Side Business For Your Main Business At Times

Today I decided to go to the Vancouver Chinese Lantern Festival to see what it was like even though the weather was predicted to rain during the day. I was thinking this would probably scare a lot of people as well for the opening day. It seems that it did as it wasn’t too busy overall which made it peaceful and great for people that wanted to take time capturing photos and all.

One thing I was thinking was how the food merchants didn’t seem very busy of course where they were often just waiting for anything to happen. It kind of made me wonder if even a business should try to have something extra to do in case things like this happen. In some ways it’s almost the equivalent mindset of a person working a regular job while have a side business that they can do whenever there isn’t anything else going on.

For example, one funny thing I have actually seen many times is how a food vendor would be prepared to sell things like umbrellas where at times people that go to events and are not prepared for the rain will buy one for sure. Would you consider that a smart thing to do as an example or would it be too weird since it is completely unrelated to the main business?

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