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Thinking of Investing Right Away Instead of Just Spending

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Today I was able to finish some work that was pretty lucrative financially and it didn’t take that long either. My first reaction immediately was what I could invest this into and I started to think of things such as investing it in training to further enhance my skills or possibly ways to make my work life more productive.

It kind of dawned to me that this is kind of the mentality you probably need to develop if you wish to generate a financially independent scenario. I think many agree that for most when we get a big pay cheque the immediate thought is that you can buy all that “stuff” for example where people often consume all their weekly funds in like a matter of days or hours.

However, in this case I feel it is more about thinking of ways to get your money to help you earn more until you are in a comfortable position. Sounds like such a minor detail, but a very important one to keep in mind I think.

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