Thinking of Any Downtime If I Removed My Wisdom Tooth
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Thinking of Any Downtime If I Removed My Wisdom Tooth

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Recently I have been feeling some pain on the side around my cheek area and inside feels like it is swollen a bit. My assumption is the wisdom tooth is getting in the way and maybe needs to be pulled out. Although oddly enough when I got braces back as a teenager I actually had about two teeth pulled out from the bottom to accommodate the work. At the time it was asked if I should just get all the wisdom teeth removed at the same time as well but the dentist didn’t feel it was necessary as there was a ton of room.

So was he wrong? Well, not really as the tooth area bothering me seems to be from the top. The two tooth that were pulled out were from the bottom and I think as a result that created ample room for the bottom teeth to naturally move forward. Now in reading what to potentially expect if it needed to be pulled out apparently there is going to be some downtime in regards to just being able to talk comfortably or having to eat soft food.

It made me wonder, would there be anything in my work life that I can’t do as a result? I actually remember some classmates who actually did get their wisdom teeth removed and while they could still talk they always had their hands next to their cheek as you see them in pain. I was even thinking as a joke maybe that means I need to get one of those text to speech software to do any presentation talking for me afterwards.

You would think with all these shutdowns that it would be an ideal time to have long downtimes for stuff like this too huh? But fortunately a bulk of the stuff I do is digital. But for the other items it makes you wonder if you should always try and find a backup of sort just in case despite the fact that whatever it is you do is simply a one man operation.

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