Thinking It’s Black Friday Sales When It Is Not

Thinking It’s Black Friday Sales When It Is Not

Some people were asking me today if I was going Black Friday shopping tomorrow which was confusing as technically the 24th of this month would be Black Friday. Apparently, the reason for this confusion is that so many people are labelling this week’s store flyers as a Black Friday sale of sort. Since tomorrow is Friday too you can imagine a regular person just assuming it’s the actual big day and start to shop like crazy.

It almost makes me wonder if companies do that specifically because of scenarios like those or if they are simply trying to capitalize on the Black Friday hype as much as possible. I would think for regular frugal shoppers though not seeing any standout deals wouldn’t result in simply spending for the sake of spending even if you were holding out all year.

Another interesting observation is how many companies are actually labelling this week’s sale as a “Black Friday Super Sale” which is odd to see so many use the same phrase. Is calling it a super sale a way to say they aren’t claiming it’s literally Black Friday versus celebrating sat the countdown to it as an example?

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