Thinking How You Would Forcefully Spend Excess Money As A Requirement
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Thinking How You Would Forcefully Spend Excess Money As A Requirement

Usually with money people have a dilemma in trying to get more as they often don’t have enough. So that’s why this got me thinking today as there was a scenario where a company was given a generous budget to complete a task where they actually do have to spend everything. They can’t just pocket the extra money for themselves as an example. So in that situation what would you purposely spend more on to simply use up the budget? For example buy crazy expensive food?

I was thinking how maybe this is a good way to test one’s financial skill too in terms of if someone thinks for the short or long term. Now what would I do I was thinking? As weird as it may sound one of my first thought is if everything else was great I would probably use it to potentially give someone else an opportunity to say work on the job as well since there is an excess budget. Thinking this way I can give other people opportunities and who knows maybe that person will be the decision maker on something else later on.

It actually does reflect a lot on my personal mindset with finance too where I often see money as an investment while trying to be productive with it. Or just like shopping at a store if I all of a sudden got free credit I really don’t want to buy things that are tagged at a high marked up price just because I have the credit. I think the only time I would actually go crazy and get something off the wall is if I was specifically doing it for the experience per se. Even then I guess you could say it’s still like an investment.

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