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They Always Have Money

Over the past month I have heard from a couple of people on how they wanted to get professional services for free as they currently could not afford the cost of hiring someone to do the job. The thing that bugged me a little was how they say they had no money yet you see them doing things such as spending hundreds of dollars on cigarettes or having no reserve in spending a ton of money dining out.

Whenever people ask me to do things for free with the reason being that they have no money I usually automatically assume that they do actually have money. It’s just that they chose to spend it a certain way and don’t value your efforts as much, so to speak, so they assume that they can save money by buttering you up instead.

In my opinion, it can actually be good to not do things for free if you are specifically trying to help someone become better with money. This way it forces them to have to actually stop doing irresponsible things with their finances as you won’t be their easy way out. Not only that, too many times people say things like how they are poor to intentionally get you to drop your prices as they want a deal. I heard so many times where people claim that they are poor and yet the next day you see them driving an expensive car.

It’s usually only the people who immediately approach you for a say a bartering trade of sort that are more genuine I’d say. People usually say nothing is truly free. Unless they are specifically a charity of sort, for professional services it’s only fair that you get something out of it too.

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