Themed Deal Days
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Themed Deal Days

I saw this advertisement for a restaurant called Milestones saying that for one day this month they are holding a “free date night” event where if you order a meal your date will get theirs for free. That got me thinking, how can you really tell if the two people are dating or not? I was then reading about a bunch of people who were simply going to go with their friends to take advantage of the deal as odds are there is no real way to verify if the couples are actually valid.

Would you feel funny doing that if it meant saving money? It’s kind of like places where they say parents can bring their kids to dine in for free where in many cases it’s jus t adults that bring someone else’s child. I think deals like these the company just wants more people and so they just label it as a gimmick of sort. Like with this it could have easily just been labeled as a generic two for the price of one dining.

Therefore, you don’t need to get too caught up in the theme of the discount if your intent was to save a few dollars I think. Unless the event was something like a charity fund then that would be a different story. I think one of the most common discount events are ones that just say “family sales event” as like with that all they really want is for you to bring a bunch of people. I never seen anyone in that scenario start to verify your family tree to ensure that you are blood related or else they will deny you the discount.

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