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The Wear And Tear Phase Debate

I’ve had my current smartphone for almost three years now and lately it’s been really showing its time of wear and tear. For example, the off button needs to be pressed extra hard to register and in some ways the touchscreen doesn’t seem as responsive. So that got me thinking if I should start looking for a new device.

I’m usually more of the type who will try to use devices like these until they get extremely unusable or if it simply breaks down completely. Especially in these cases where I would probably spend quite a bit of money on a device that I expect to get a few years out of it. Would you be inclined to just break open the bank and buy a new phone in this case? I know for me, there has to be an extremely earth shattering good sale for me to jump on the change at this point as a little annoyance is tolerable I think to save hundreds of dollars.

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