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The Topic of Sex To Save Money In Relationships

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Yes, this was a topic I heard today. In a nutshell, there was a guy talking about how when his wife reaches that time of the month usually that results in a lot of mood swings. Therefore, he mentioned that he actually has a budget for situations like these such as sending her to mini local vacations of sort or buying her certain things. Because of this he can’t spend the money on other things that he would like.

A female amongst the group was then saying he doesn’t even need to do that as she was saying she knows that the solution for it can be as simple as sex. The conversation then got all technical on why it works. Because of the nature of the topic though it didn’t seem like anybody took it seriously as it essentially just opened up the door for a lot of jokes.

To a certain extent it is kind of funny when you think about it as for many people when it comes to marriages and such people are so focused in using money to solve relationship issues when sometimes I guess like this it’s all about the basics of companionship and all. I guess this isn’t exactly a topic that most adults would even want to fathom though.

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