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The Thought of Changing To A Bidet To Save Toilet Paper Money

I personally never even heard of this before. What is a bidet? Well, apparently it’s a toilet that has a sprinkler of sort where after you have done your business your bottom area will be sprayed with water to clean it out. This is as opposed to what most of us in North America are used to where we would quickly use some toilet paper and flush it down.

With all the chaos last year of toilet paper being bought out everywhere it seems like a lot of people are considering using this more high-end feature. As I read a bit into it apparently more modern-day versions even have a fan of sort to dry everything once it finishes spraying as that was the reservation before where you still would have to wipe yourself as everything gets wet.

It seems like the cost is over $100 to replace your toilet seat with one of these. Would you do it? I know for most it probably seems weird even if you do end up saving money.

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