The Social Pressure To Not Buy Too Much Great Deals You Need
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The Social Pressure To Not Buy Too Much Great Deals You Need

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Today while walking through the supermarket I noticed that there was quite a few organic coconut water on sale. For about 87 cents you can get one liter worth which is a great deal considering it normally costs over $2. What I noticed was that there was a lady with a shopping cart and she was trying to get as much as possible. The odd thing was when I arrived she looked kind of embarrassed in wanting to take more. She first stepped aside and looked away just standing there it seemed. But then you can see she was peeking out of the corner of her eye to see if I was going to take any or if I would comment on how much she had.

For myself personally I don’t care if I see people buying a ton of stuff that are on sale assuming they are going to use it. But I do notice many times people get the stare from others which actually convinces them not to buy a lot even if they will save a lot of money and have every intention to actually use or consume everything. To me that is a little silly. The bottom line is it’s your money that you want to get the best value for. I actually find it more odd when people buy things like those overpriced pre-cut fruits and all and I actually pay attention to people that stack up on one thing because usually that means there is a great deal that I wasn’t aware of.

Like the other day I saw people loading up these large bags of rice where it ended up being a great unadvertised deal. If you are still too self-conscious about what others may think just bring another frugal shopper with you. People tend to think they are the ones missing out on something afterwards when they see more than one person treating it as normal.

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