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The Notion of Food For Work

I was told a story awhile ago f a person who landed a fairly big contract in doing some design and marketing work for a pizza company of sort. Everything was set as the rates were made pretty clear and both parties agreed to it. While working on the project the designer decided to tell the pizza store owner that he was willing to wave off some fees in exchange for some pizza. This apparently happened consistently to the point that he was literally working for a meal.

Not surprisingly, by the time the project was over he didn’t really make much money at all and was in trouble financially. I’m sure the pizza store owner saved a lot of money though. For those kind of work I would say it’s a bad deal in general to not just take the money because it’s almost like spending more than you make to a certain extent if you think about it. The situation is no real different than say you dining out all the time where you spend all your money on food.

I just didn’t expect anyone would actually do that. Imagine like say a lawyer willing to represent a Mcdonalds restaurant in exchange for free big mac combos.

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