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The HSPA Cell Phone Service Plans

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With the release the Palm Pre recently I was thinking whether or not I would want to buy something like that as for my next cell phone purchase I was thinking of a data phone. I never was too into the iPhone hype personally and another reason was that there was only one carrier that was capable of serving it here.

While researching about the phones I just remembered that two of the big cell phone service providers here, Telus and Bell, are going to upgrade its network using High Speed Packet Access (HSPA). And as it turns out, apparently right here in Vancouver we’ll get to test this out at around as early as September.

Without the technical jargon, this potentially means that this may change a lot of the cell phone fee structures for the better. At the same time, the main reason I thought about this is that my contract is expiring at around November. Usually companies try to get you to commit to yearly contracts months before your contract expires to ensure that you will stay as a customer.

However, in this case you may want to try and hold off and see what happens if you are a Canadian resident. The good thing is that I will still have a few months to compare everything before my contract expires.

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