The Apprentice Season Ten – Episode 9
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The Apprentice Season Ten – Episode 9

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Oh wow, what a shocker that this episode started out with. Usually you would see the teams go to an area where Trump is to get introduced to the next task. This time it was odd as everyone went into the boardroom and didn’t know what was up. Trump then began to say that he learned something disturbing where apparently in one of the past task Anand was text messaging people to bring money to help him win the task. It was in episode five where he was the project manager for the pedicab task.

At first Trump was asking him if he did indeed do that and Anand simply denied it. Trump then began to read out the text message. Anand tried to partly justify it saying that no one came and Trump emphasized how he broke the rules. Trump then pressured him to say why he lied to him and quite naturally his response was that he wanted to win. Trump then gives comments such as this is why things like the Wall Street scandals and such has happened before. With all that Anand was fired on the spot.

Before the introduction of the next task the teams had to be switched up a little bit to even things out. With Anand gone Liza was moved with Stephanie and Poppy as the new team Fortitude. The task this time around was that the two teams had to create an in-store display to help promote a celebrity line of fragrance of the Kim Kardashian brand for the company Perfumania. The project manager for Octane was Clint and for Fortitude it was Poppy.

In the beginning it seemed like Fortitude would have the advantage as they had three women on the team along with the notion that the task revolves around a product that targets women. Fortitude decided to create their display with the idea that they wanted a life-sized picture of Kim Kardashian so that people can take photos with as well as decorating the display with things like ribbons and sparkles. I must say, it did look in many ways like something you would see from the high school arts classroom.

For Octane the fact that there were two men and one women it did seem to be an obstacle in the beginning as the men relied on Brandy for a lot of the feminine reassurance that what they have would appeal to the female demographic. Brand didn’t seem very confident though and would say that she is definitely not more feminine compared to the girls on the other team. The team went with a more professional approach as they had a well structure display with this purple/pinkish light that illuminated the entire diplay. It helped to make the products pop out and as well they had a screen that showed clips of Kim Kardashian.

It was interesting on team Fortitude as Poppy and Stephanie were already discussing amongst each other on who should get credited for what as they didn’t want Liza to take credit for items that she did not do. On the actual presentation day the operator of Perfumania as well as Kim Kardashian herself were there to judge the diplays. Poppy seemed to use a lot of ego inflating comments by complementing Kim Kardashian a lot whereas Clint sounded more passionate while still sticking to the point that it’s about selling the brand and products.

The opinions were pretty lopsided it seemed in the end. Basically, for Fortitude’s display they liked the idea of having the life-sized Kim Kardashian where people could take pictures with. However, it was extremely criticized at how tacky the display seemed with the way it was design with items like the ribbons and sparkles type of setup. For Octane there just seemed to be high praises as they consistently received comments how the display represented the brand very well. It was a no brainer as team Octane won.
The boardroom was not too surprising as Trump pretty much went for Poppy since she was the project manager. It boiled down to the fact that the project manager has the final say and it didn’t seem like Poppy was defending herself much. As a result, Poppy was fired.

I guess the highlight of this episode was the very beginning about Anand’s actions and firing. Was kind of amazing that he still insisted in lying in-front of Trump’s face when he got called out on it. Gotta get rid of people really fast I guess when you find out they have done things like that. Must be super difficult to try and rebuild your reputation too after incidents like that.

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