The Apprentice Season Ten – Episode 8
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The Apprentice Season Ten – Episode 8

There was a twist to this episode in the beginning as there was team switch up. The new team Octane now consisted of Brandy, Lizy, Clint and Steuart. For Fortitude it was Anand, David, Stephanie and Poppy. The task this round was that the two teams had to create a four page advertisement promoting Macy’s line of Donald Trump shirts, ties and cufflings. The project manager for Octane was Brandy and for Fortitude it was David.

Octane appeared to have the mentality of money, power and sex as their guideline in representing the trump line of clothing. The people in Fortitude tried to go with a more artistic direction it seemed. For both teams they had to acquire models to partake in a shoot for the advertisement. However, team Octane had an interesting obstacle as no models showed up. Brandy then made a decision that Steuart and herself would be the models for the ad. Was definitely a risky move as having to be the models meant taking themselves away from other responsibilities.

Fortitude had an interesting situation. Even though they were able to get models David seemed to have love one particular model so much that he immediately chose him to be the main person to be featured on the ad with the clothing. The problem was that items like the shirt didn’t even fit him which made things look awkward. Maybe it was the editing, but the show made it look like David had a crush on the model for one reason or another.

Not too much happened in between. In the actual presentation Brandy did the speaking for her team. As you may remember she did a great job in a previous task. This time she stumbled consistently and it seemed like she wasn’t really sold in what she was saying. The ad itself in the end seemed decent. For Fortitude David was the speaker and he went with an improvising route. Basically he said what he felt at the moment to try and sell the product which he believed in as he was proud of his creation. Comments about the clothing that didn’t even fit the model was definitely an issue with the judges.

In the boardroom there was a lot of jokes about David and his attachment to that model he chose. Trump even joked if he wanted to take the opportunity to officially come out. In the end, the executives chose team Octane’s ad as the winner.

The boardroom itself seemed pretty straight forward as well as this was one of those it comes down to the project manager situation. For the most part David just accepted everything as well as it seemed like he was willing to take the fall. There were times where he tried to imply that more blame should be put on others. Trump then asks a question on whether or not he was the boss who has the final say in everything. David agreed of course and because of that he was fired.

Guess for me the most interesting part of this episode was the decision making process of Brandy to do the modeling with Steuart as I can easily see how most people wouldn’t even consider that an option and would continually try to hunt down the models. Imagine yourself in that situation and if you would have done the same.

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