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The Apprentice Season Ten – Episode 7

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Well it looks like for this episode all of the interesting stuff came during the boardroom. The task this time around was that the two teams had to establish a staging backer’s audition for two Broadway musicals. The teams would be judged on the marketing material that they create as well as their final presentation. The project manager for the women was Liza and for the men it was Steuart.

After last week it seemed like David had a target on his back. This time around he took charge in directing the talent and for the most part he was very successful at it to the point where he seemed to be outshining Steuart. On the women’s side there was sure a lot of paranoia such as Liza constantly thinking that some of her teammates were trying to set her up for failure. Most of the fuss revolved around making a poster where Liza gave Mahsa and Stephanie instructions to modify a poster which constantly resulted in disappointed.
In the actual presentations the men had a solid performance overall except Steuart consistently fumbled his pitch for some reason. As well, it was criticized that his delivery of the message was not very energetic. While Liza seemed more prepared, there was one fatal error where in their marketing material there was no contact information in the literature for investors to contact. Overall, both teams did well.

There were a lot of interesting boardroom moments for sure. There was one part where Stephanie was complaining that she wasn’t given a bigger role in the task considering her music background. When trumped asked why she didn’t opt to be a project manger she mentioned that she didn’t know it was going to be a musical theatre task. Trump grilled her on this as he emphasizes how he clearly mentioned it in the beginning of the task. He basically called her out as a liar. In the end, the majority of the judges chose the men as the winner.

As usual Trump began to ask people what went wrong. There was one part where he asked Mahsa about Liza and Mahsa would simply turn the conversation around to what she herself has contributed. This annoyed Trump as he then brought up the fact that Mahsa likes to talk about herself a lot even when she is asked to comment on others.

A can of worms was opened shortly after as Brandy mentioned that Mahsa told the men in the previous task about their sales total before the task was even completed. Hence, it seemed very inappropriate and disloyal. Mahsa tried to cover it up by claiming that Clint told her the men’s total too. As you know the winning teams get to watch the boardroom happenings o f the losing team. In this case, Clint heard everything and was enraged. The men actually went back into the boardroom to call out Mahsa a liar and to maintain their image.

Mahsa was then yelling that she is not a liar and then made a comment that was damaging to her. She claims that while what she was an error it was not disloyal in anyway. Trump strongly disagreed with that statement and so he fired her. She was definitely my least favorite candidate on the show. Kind of amazing at long people will try to hold up a fabricated story of sort as this episode demonstrated.

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