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The Apprentice Season Ten – Episode 6

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The teams this time around had a task of creating a pedicab tour business in New York. It was a task based in generated income as the team who made the most money would win. It was kind of interesting in the beginning as the teams literally had to get a license that required passing a test to operate a pedicab. The project manager for the men was Anand and for the women it was Kelly.

The men had this theme where they were going to operate their service like a roman chariot. The women went with a sex appeal direction where they tried to cater to a male audience by wearing clothing that showed off their figures and such. On the men side they also had an interesting strategy where they thought a key to this task was to try and pre-sell as many rides as possible. With that thought they went out early to try and make pre-sales.

On the women’s side they made a decision to target customers around the Wall Street area since they were aiming for rich men with money considering sex appeal was their main gimmick. This appeared to be a bad decision as they didn’t really get too many customers. However, for the men they specifically targeted tourists which created a lot of success for them.

The boardroom was so interesting at the beginning as before a discussion about the task itself begun Clint was asking Trump to get rid of David as he is disruptive and was even dubbed as a “virus”. Other people like Anand also stepped in with similar thoughts and how it seemed like they had to always try and accommodate him. Trumps comment was simply that if they with the task he couldn’t get rid of him. In the end, the women generated $320 and the men brought in $950. A landslide victory for sure.

The main blame for the task revolved around the location and because of that the finger was pointed at Stephanie as she decided on it. She then threw that back by mentioning that it was a team effort decision. I noticed one strange moment where when Stephanie was questioned about choosing Wall Street she mentioned that she wasn’t from the area as her reasoning. She was asked where she is from and she said Canada. The funny thing was that in the show when she mentioned it a sound effect was played as if that was supposed to be weird or something. Interesting I thought.

Despite this trump seemed to be eyeing Kelly as she was the project manager. He asked her to bring in two people and she chose Stephanie and Liza. Trump emphasized a point that Kelly chose a non-New Yorker to scout for a location on top of the fact that Kelly herself didn’t even past the pedicab test. Just like that she was fired. There was a semi heated moment at the end where as Kelly approached the elevator Stephanie made a comment to her implying that she was the “wrong girl to mess with.”

Guess this episode emphasized that going after people that have a lot of money isn’t as effective as capturing a qualified target market where you have a bigger fish pool to work with. Not even sex appeal sells when it is targeting the wrong market/demographic.

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