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The Apprentice Season Ten – Episode 5

The task in this episode was that the two teams had to create a catwalk type of fashion show in order to showcase shoes for the company Rockport. It was kind of an interesting setup too as the men had to showcase female shoes while the women had to do the product lineup for the men. The project manager for the men was Wade and for the women it was Stephanie. As well, during the task there were two executive search consultations that would be Trump’s eyes and ears for the task.

Both of the teams had a group of models that they had to work with as well as coming up with a theme and direction for the show. The men didn’t seem like they had much of a theme concept as opposed to simply treating it as a generic catwalk show. The women had a theme in mind and dubbed it as “the life of Tristan” where they tried to portray vision of a person in various situations in life. The women did have one controversial idea which was at the end they decided to have the men walk on stage with nothing but boxers and a pair of shoes.

In the actual catwalk show the MC for the men was Gene and for the women I was Brandy. I must say, it was pretty painful watching the men’s execution of the event. This was mostly because Gene seemed extremely uncomfortable in doing public speaking on stage. As well, he just seemed very unprepared such as making embarrassing errors where he would mix up the name of the shoes as the model’s name. However, the women’s presentation seemed lively and went very smoothly. There was one incident where one of the models was wearing shorts and he had scars on his leg which they didn’t deal with.

The men simply got obliterated in this task so bad that even Trump said he wasn’t going to waste any time in going through the routine of critiquing the women much as they clearly won. All the men were kept to be potentially fired. As expected a lot of the blame went to Gene and his poor performance. Trump was tearing him left and right and at the same time was nailing Wade on how he even allowed this.

On top of that, when Trump discovered details that Gene didn’t even rehearse for the event this just got Trump even more fired up. You could see it coming from a mile away where he obviously wanted to fire more than one person. Ultimately, he decided to fire Gene and Wade.

That definitely was an interesting tidbit I think where regardless if someone says they are good at something you should still try to verify it. At the same time, the circumstances where a person has to perform can play a big actor on how well they do. Like in this case Wade was saying that Gene was a good speaker he thought yet he didn’t really consider that when you are on stage the whole game can change.

I guess with two firings I wouldn’t be surprised if in a future episode a boardroom will result in no firings to maintain the format dates of the show.

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