The Apprentice Season Ten – Episode 3
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The Apprentice Season Ten – Episode 3

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In this episode the two teams had to create a hotel and spa for dogs. As well, the teams had to come up with some sort of value added service for the customers. For the men James was the project manger and for the women it was Tyana. For the value added service the men came up with a concept where they would setup webcams so that the owners can see how their pets are doing. The women came up with an additional package of sort where the customers would receive a gift bag of doggie treats as well as a report on how well the dog was that day.

The most interesting moments of the episode was how David didn’t seem to respect James at all. Therefore, he always seemed confrontational in challenging his thoughts and direction. It was kind of funny too as James kept implying that if David did that one more time he would be taken off the task. It just seemed like he kept repeating that and never really followed through with it until quite awhile.

There wasn’t too much happening with the women other than Mahsa being afraid of dogs and despite that Tyana wanted her to work around them as opposed to say being the receptionist. Overall the women seemed to have everything more polished out with less drama when it came to the leadership. As well, the men had a critical mistake where they didn’t try to ask the owner of the spa to better understand about the business’s needs and industry. With all this factored in, the women were victorious.

The boardroom was pretty clear cut as virtually everyone on the men’s side criticized James as a leader and how no one really respected him. Not surprisingly, James was fired. The whole episode was kind of odd when it came to James as I guess I assumed that a person with an attorney background would be a bit more aggressive in defending himself or pointing out the flaws of the other person.

I suppose the main thing about this episode is leadership qualities. It just showed so many things that can go wrong when you are trying to lead a group of people who don’t respect you enough. It also made me think how James was too nice and this was an example of how you just get clobbered at times with that mentality. I’m surprised David is still here though if the intent is to find the best candidate as he just seems to have such a condescending personality with the way he is presented. Must be a ratings pusher I suppose.

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