The Apprentice Season Ten – Episode 13 Finale
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The Apprentice Season Ten – Episode 13 Finale

The episode continued right off from last week with all those dilemmas each team had. Surprisingly, everything appeared to have been handled pretty swiftly. For example, Clint had the debacle where items like the posters that were printed had Liza Minnelli’s name spelled wrong. However, he calmly made a phone call to the printer and handled everything. Likewise, in Brandy’s situation she had issues such as the photographer going to the wrong location and in the end he simply got to the correct place quickly.

Most of the potential disaster moment seemed to have come from Brandy’s side such as when Kathy Griffin arrived to make a speech to the guests it appeared that everyone was already gone as the announcer mentioned that the tournament was starting. However, they recovered by having Kathy go around and speaking to the players personally.

For Clint’s side he just seemed to have everything organized very well. It was so good to the point that he even went to the golf tournament area to see what was going on in Brandy’s side. There were only a few minor moments whre it seemed like the task was going sour for Clint’s side such as when it came to serving the buffet line at times the line appeared to be enormous and so they had to try and hustle people through it quickly. As well, in introducing Liza Minnelli at first it appeared that many people were still getting their food and so they weren’t paying attention to what Clint had to say on stage.

Overall there was not very much happening in terms of turns and twists for what was the final episode I thought. In the boardroom there were some comments about their performances. I thought the most interesting one was from Brandy’s team where as you may remember last time Liza decided to buy golf clubs instead of gift certificates as the main prizes for the golf tournament winners. The concern was that the guests were so wealthy that they wouldn’t want inexpensive gold clubs. Sure enough, there was a fact that the winners didn’t even take them even though they won it.

For Clint there seemed to be criticism about his Texan accent as he would often use phrases like “y’all” which they took note of whenever he communicated with people. Essentially, they weren’t sure if he was doing it to try and let people know he was from Texas or if he just naturally talks that way. In the end, he said that is just the way he talks.

Of course, Trump asked all of the candidates who they think he should choose as the winner. The majority appeared to pick Brandy over Clint. There were some interesting remarks such as from Liza where she admits she tried to get rid of Brandy but was not successful in doing so. Because of things like that she had a lot of respect for her.

When Trump asked Clint to describe why he is better it sounded like a repeat of before where he tried to highlight himself as a CEO in box as a result of his experience. Brandy had a more interesting answer where she emphasized that Trumps team is already well off. However, Brandy mentioned that there is a new generation coming up and that the Trump brand could learn from her in finding ways to cater to that audience. Trump appeared to really like that answer. In the end, Clint was fired which meant Brandy was the winner.

The decision was a little surprising as task wise and all Clint just seemed stronger overall and is one of those ready now type of person to handle a big role. I suppose it really came down to the factor that Trump probably has a gazillion Clint type of people in the organization and so Brandy is like a fresh mind to help the organization grow.
Show wise this finale was pretty underwhelming. I guess they are losing steam in terms of ideas. I believe this is the first time there wasn’t even a live boardroom session as well for a finale. Till next time.

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