The Apprentice Season Ten – Episode 12
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The Apprentice Season Ten – Episode 12

As expected the episode continued off from last week where another person was going to be fired where it would narrow it down to the final two. The remaining thus far was Clint, Brandy and Liza. As usual Trump asked each person who they felt was the strongest and weakest player. Not surprisingly, both of the women said Clint was the strongest while Liza was pointed out as the weakest.

For the most part Clint and Brandy mentioned that they should say due to their educational backgrounds and accomplishments. Liza had a semi interesting take where she emphasized that the show was about giving people a chance to get back on their feet due to the economy. With that she tried to highlight that against so many odds she is there in the final three and in a way is a symbolism of hope for everyone that is like herself.

Trump then began to say that he was able to see things in her that no one else seemed to have throughout the show as everyone has consistently picked on her. Since she is sitting there and not others speaks volume of her success for example. However, despite those praises he mentioned that she needs to learn how to get along with people better as having so many negative opinions about her from so many shows a lack of people skills. That seemed to be the main factor in his decision as Trump decided to fire Liza. So the final two is Clint and Brandy.

The finale task for this season is that the candidates could choose to run a gold tournament featuring Kathy Griffin or they could choose to run a dinner gala followed by concert featuring Liza Minnelli. There was an interesting twist to the task and team helper selection process. In most seasons the candidates chose people one by one. This time the returning contestants were already bunched up in a trio that consisted of Anand, Stephanie and Liza while the other one was Mahsa, Poppy and Steuart. So essentially they would have to choose teams based on the group.

Since Brandy was part of the winning team last time Trump told her that she could choose to have first pick on her teammates or the task. Brandy felt the team was more important and so she picked Anand, Stephanie and Liza which left the others with Clint. That meant Clint had the choice of choosing the task and he decided to go with the dinner gala as he mentioned that he wanted to show Trump that he could do anything as you wouldn’t normally expect him to do a task like this. Of course, that meant the golf tournament was Brandy’s responsibility. There was an interesting fact brought out too that apparently Liza was a good golf player.

For Brandy she seemed to rely on Liza’s expertise a lot since she is a golf player and Clint relied on Steuart as he mentioned d that he has done catering a lot when he was younger. Aside from running around and handling responsibilities, it seemed that both teams have some interesting obstacles. For Brandy she tried to determine what would be good prizes to give to the golfers that were attending. Since most of them are wealthy the assumption was getting them items like gold clubs would not be too exciting. Therefore, she decided to offer gift certificates as prizes.

However, when it came to buying them Liza decided for herself that something tangible that you could walk away with would be better and so she decided to buy items like $500 golf club sets as prizes instead of the gift certificates despite the instructions that were given to her. This created a lot of arguments when Brandy found out. Another twist came about where Brandy asked Trump who he would like to play golf with at the event and he specifically said Liza. Instead of denying him she agreed.

Therefore, at this point it seems like Brandy will lose her most knowledgeable golf expert when the actual event commences.
Another error this team had was that they wanted to hire a photographer to take pictures for the event. However, the photographer was apparently only told to go to the Trump National Golf Club. While he was supposed to go to the one in Westchester he was at the one at Bedminster since he was used to going there when he is called.

For Clint everything appeared to be going well until the catering company bailed on him. Therefore, Steuart had to work around the clock to find a catering company at such short notice. Fortunately, with much perseverance he was successful. The biggest obstacle came at the end of episode as it was revealed that every poster and table card that was printed for the event had spelling errors when it came to Liza Minnelli’s name.

Mahsa was then saying this is all Clint’s fault as it was his job to double check everything before printing it. Despite this she worked work with Poppy to try and find a solution without having to Worry Clint. They contacted the printer who said that they could print new ones. However, it came down to money as they already blew through their printing budget mostly. Therefore, they had no choice but to contact Clint to see what he wanted to do. The episode then ended there.

This season is going by really for it feels like. Seems shorter than usual for some odd reason. Maybe it’s because there wasn’t as much drama overall so far as I am so used to watching the celebrity versions.

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