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The Apprentice Season Ten – Episode 11

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With only four candidates left the teams had to be switched up a little again. Liza was put with Brandy which meant Clint And Steuart were teammates. It was essentially a men versus women setup again. The task this time was something we have seen a lot of in the past. Both teams had to choose and price an item to sell on QVC. Whoever made the most profit would win. The project manager for the men was Clint and for the women it was Liza.

There was a negotiation aspect to the task as the teams had to decide amongst each on who would sell what and at what time slot. Clint used a strategy where he pretended to want a certain items in hopes to dupe the girls into using that as their bargaining leverage. The debate was between selling a watch or a belt. Afterwards, the men mentioned if they get the first pick of the sale time order they would allow the women to choose the item they want first.

The women chose the watch which made the men excited as they pretty much fell for their trap. Not only did they get to choose the timeslot they wanted, but they wanted to sell a completely different item which was a purse. You can definitely say they outsmarted the women there. The purse in general was a higher ticketed tem versus the watch. So in this task it’s basically high volume sales for a cheaper item versus an item that is more expensive but would generate more profit.

The men seemed more organized overall in preparing for the live show. Liza had an interesting situation where both teams were able to meet the host that they would be working with. For Liza she was reading a audience demographic where it mentioned that the majority of viewers were Caucasian. Therefore he thought was that it would be better to have two Caucasian hosts.

Even during the actual live show it seemed like the men were more confident in their approach. Liza seemed to be all over the place in trying to call the shots from the control room. Example, giving directions to the hosts like Brandy through an earpiece that ended up making them stumble a little. It appeared that the men steam rolled the women in this task. Surprisingly though, in the end the women ended up selling 77 watches for a profit of $2998.38 and the men only sold 25 purses and brought in $2174.25. Therefore, the women won.

While they were excited, Trump told them not to be as he was going to fire two people and to decide who will be in the finale. Since the men lost they were up first. The main debate in terms of who would be a better apprentice in Trump’s view came down to what the person could offer and he mentioned that he highly valued education. Clint mentioned factors such as Steuart being younger and not have as much experience as he has. Steuart tries to semi counter it as he mentioned about how he created a million dollar business when he was about 23. There were also comments that Steuart would be a better fit for the Trump organization due to the way he presents himself as it fits more of what is needed in a New York environment.

However, a comment was made that the Trump organization is everywhere in the world and that Clint does offer more experience and tools to the organization. Therefore, you could argue that outside of New York Clint would be the better person. Trump appeared to have a difficult decision to make. He seemed pretty quick and confident about his decision though and decided to fire Steuart. Was kind of interested in the specifics myself.

Afterwards, the episode abruptly ended as one of the women was going to be fired but they are saving it for the next episode.

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