The Apprentice Season Ten – Episode 10
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The Apprentice Season Ten – Episode 10

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Guess we are coming close to the end now with so few candidates left. This episode didn’t seem to bring out the best in the teams I must say. The task this time around was that the two teams had to create a 30 second TV commercial to help promote AT&T’s TV service for mobile phones through the use of a service called FlowTV. The project manager for Fortitude was Stephanie and for Octane I was Steuart.

Octane went with a concept where there was one person in the crowd who seemed like the only one that didn’t have the TV service. Therefore, he would always miss out on items like sports games while he is at the office. Fortitude originally wanted to go with a collage of ideas such as people in a stadium setting all excited about using the service on their mobile phone. They had a drawback though as it appeared that they couldn’t book any locations for the shoot. Therefore, they semi improvised with a table they had and started shooting a scene of people around a meeting table where everyone seems so gloomy except there is this one person who is watching shows on his phone.

Fortitude also tried something interesting before where because they couldn’t book a stadium they bought a sky backdrop in hopes to replicate an outdoor setting for the commercial. However, it looked completely fake and so they scratched it. Stephanie was extremely unorganized too as at times she would be asking the photographer things such as if he knew whether or not the actors have arrived or his ideas about the shoot. He made a comment that this thing felt like a high school film school class. Octane appeared to have gotten everything done fairly smoothly. The only real conflict that occurred is that Steuart was very hesitant about approving things like the footages if he felt that it wasn’t perfect.

In the actual presentation Stephanie did a very good presentation for Fortitude. I must say though, I personally thought the commercial was kind of uninspiring. For Octane it seemed like the opposite as their commercial seemed a lot better in terms of execution in showing the brands and product. However, Brandy appeared to fumble her lines a lot just like in previous episodes. Trump even asked why she didn’t memorize her lines. I guess her killing performance as a master of ceremony in the past episode was a onetime wonder, so to speak.
In the end there were comments that Fortitude’s commercial seemed wrong with a person watching tv on his mobile phone while in a company meeting. Octane’s commercial appeared to have just blown Fortitude’s commercial out of the water in the eye of the judges. Therefore, Octane got the lopsided victory.

In the boardroom it seemed like the same old as Stephanie was attacking Liza for never really doing anything and then Liza would respond that her ideas would always be rejected. Trump seemed pretty adamant about Stephanie being the project manager and how she ultimately made decisions such as having a person watching TV while in a important meeting as the theme of the commercial. Trump then comment how they could have just made it a setting where people are having lunch instead and that all you needed was to put food on the table as props.

Stephanie then tried to put the blame on Liza as she was in charge of gathering props. However, that backfired as points were made how Stephanie created that idea at the last minute and never even told Liza to get different props for the new direction. As expected, Trump fired Stephanie and made a comment to Liza that he wasn’t happy of her performance thus far.

Down to four candidates only now. Of course, I guess we can expect a slight team change to balance things out next time.

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