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The Apprentice Season Six – Episode 8

This episode was kind of strange in the sense that some of the candidates seemed to switch personalities at the flick of a switch at times. The task for the two teams was to promote a health and wellness company called GNC with a half time event at a soccer game. The vice president of marketing for GNC would also be observing the events and which ever team’s event that he prefers would win.

As usual, everyone in Team Arrow appeared to dislike Surya. From the clips they were showing, Surya sure did look like a talker where he says things to simply try and make himself look good to others as oppose to being truthful about his opinions. In the beginning they showed him praising how great he thinks everyone is or that he is so happy that he changed teams and yet we all know from previous episodes on how he dislikes so many of them. For their theme, they decided that their half time show would be about a skinny guy in a boxing ring who was down in life and how taking GNC products made him better in everyway.

Team Kinetic seemed to be more jazzed up about winning since they have been on a losing streak and only having four members left due to two people getting fired last week. Kristine mentioned how she has a lot of experience with these types of things and so she decided to be the project manager. Their theme was to have people in GNC costumes racing through an obstacle course in which the obstacles were suppose to represent bad things like heart disease and how these GNC guys can still overcome them all to get to the finish line. A tiny conflict came up where Muna continually gave comments and doubts about Kristine’s decisions which offended her. So for Kristine she took it as an insult that she has all this experience and it seems like she is not trusted whereas Muna thought it was absurd that someone wouldn’t want to hear input. I guess I would have to agree with Kristine’s view on this one as there is such a thing as doing too much.

When the event began Team Kinetic’s event went very well with the crowd it seemed as everything was energetic and they did the event commentary in both English and Spanish which was interesting. Team Arrow’s event looked like it was poorly executed where in the beginning they started off by telling the crowd this long storyline on how “Joe” was depressed and all that stuff. James, who was in the GNC costume, then came out and was suppose to be a GNC vitamin. When “Joe” interacted with the vitamin, all of a sudden life became better. In the end, Team Kinetic was chosen as the winner by GNC’s vice president of marketing.

Before the boardroom, the most interesting part of the episode came up I thought. Because Team Arrow loss the challenge, Surya then went up to his old teammates and talked about how everyone is against him and that he regrets moving. Talk about a phoney. He says that he is so excited about this and that when things are going great only to contradict himself when things go bad. As always, it might be just due to the video editing, but he sure does look like a phoney person.

In the boardroom it was mainly James against Surya. Surya was trying to paint a picture that James is a disloyal person and used an example where initially James would agree to a plan and then at the last moment would express concerns about it as a way to cover himself if something happens. James tried to paint a picture on how Surya doesn’t allow people to fully express their thoughts and that he wasn’t a team player. During this scuffle it looked like Surya was actually winning due to Tim mentioning how Surya did actually encourage people to give out ideas. The negative about James appeared to stand out more. When Trump asked Tim on who he would fire he said Surya as the team would function well without him and maybe worse without James.

Surya then made this very odd comment and asked Tim on whether or not he agreed that he functioned better in a non project manager role. What an odd thing to say huh? That was the nail in the coffin as Trump expressed he wanted a leader and not someone who just functions well in a non leadership role. As a result, Surya was fired. I couldn’t believe Surya’s comments at the end where they interview the fired candidates in the car and how he was implying that he was so much better than the others. He also expressed how it was a mistake to fire him and that the best people don’t always win. Just those parts alone shows that the right person was fired, in my opinion.

All this about disloyalty and people being a phoney is very interesting I think as you see it all the time in business and other things as well. It is often hard to meet really genuine people I think and it is even more important for when you are doing business with people as you will tend to attract the same type of people that you frequently associate with. For myself, if I had to say pay more money to do business with someone who seemed more genuine then that’s what I would do as I would rather surround myself with those types of people.

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