The Apprentice Season Six – Episode 6
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The Apprentice Season Six – Episode 6

This episode sure shows how this season’s candidates seem to have so many personality clashes and how so many people are oblivious in regards to their own performances. Either that or the video editors are doing a great job in only showing clips to portray a certain view of the candidates and events that is.

The challenge for the two teams was to go into a mall and attempt to get as many people as possible to sign up for a contest that was sponsored by Priceline where they were giving away free vacation packages. The team who had the most sign ups would win. The project manager for Team Arrow was Surya and Aimee remained the project manager for Team Kinetic. The common theme for both teams it seemed was that the project managers were not viewed highly or respected very much by the majority of the team members that they were leading. There was a humorous moment on Team Arrow’s side where Frank began to draw a mock up expression of Surya’s face on a napkin to show how over serious his personality is and passed it along to the other team members who laughed at it. This was the clip:

When the two teams began to execute their plan for team Arrow’s side it looked like Surya was not very productive in terms of helping the team as everyone else looked very proactive in getting things done. Team Kinetic had a large hurdle that they did not plan for where over fifty percent of the mall shoppers were Hispanic and the language barrier was a huge impact in regards to how fast they could get people to sign up let alone trying to explain to people on what the contest was about. The end result was that Team Arrow generated 359 sign ups while Team Kinetic generated 326 sign ups. The interesting moment before this was that Trump asked Team Kinetic on how they felt about Aimee’s leadership and no one said anything.

In the boardroom Aimee brought with her Derek and Jenn as the blame game topic was how over fifty percent of the mall crowd were Hispanic which was vital information that Aimee was not told. The other two fought back by saying how it should have been a common sense thing as she was in the mall while they were touring it and it should have been pretty obvious. The team’s resentment from Aimee’s performance last week did seem to come up a few times as well which played a factor. In the end, Trump decided to fire Aimee as he felt she didn’t have the leadership quality yet as so many of her team members seem to have felt the same.

The parts in this episode that stood out for me was how you see this in real life all the time whenever you are dealing with a large group of people or employees where it can be difficult to get them to tell you immediately on what they truly feel in regards to how they feel about a person who is overlooking/managing them. This is especially true as demonstrated here where if you ask them that question in-front of the person in charge they would rather not say anything for fear of creating some bad friction. Similarly, when a team does good it is often assumed by many that the person leading them was highly respected amongst their peers which I have seen not to be the case so many times as well. Often people’s opinions get ignored in these circumstances as well if they do decide to voice their opinion as a lot of people would assume that it can’t be that bad if they won and that this one person is just whining.

I guess this is why so many companies use a third party service to try and get a true feel on its talent pool’s morality and opinions when it comes to work and the people in charge. Speaking from personal experience, I‘ve seen companies literally lose tens of thousands of dollars due to losing valuable talent or sales revenue as a result of insisting to keep leaders/managers who consistently demonstrate that they can’t motivate a team of people. A lot of times I think it is due to pride where if you say placed a certain person in charge over another and the end result was that it made everything worse it is hard for many to just admit it as it can be a very embarrassing thing for many. If there was anything to take away from this episode I think it would definitely be to keep your eyes open in finding ways to truly get the real story on how people feel when it comes to working in a certain group or company.

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