The Apprentice Season Six – Episode 14 Finale
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The Apprentice Season Six – Episode 14 Finale

The end of the season has come. The finale for the most part felt like they were running out of ideas for this year and so most of the happenings seemed like it was just a filler to take up an hour worth of airtime. It basically started out by highlighting all of the events, candidates and briefly the order that everyone was fired and why.

Then Trump, along with his son and daughter, basically continued off from last week’s event where the candidates made the mini movie about the Renuzit product. Nicole was criticized for choosing Tim for the task as it demonstrated a sign of weakness they say and Frank was criticized for choosing Surya since they did not get along. Overall, Trump felt that Frank had too many liabilities and for Nicole Trump he didn’t believe in an “inter-office romance” and so they were the first to be fired. That wasn’t very surprising I’d say.

So, it basically came down to Stefani and James and they then showed clips of their current professional and working life. The best reply of the night I thought came when Stefani kept saying good things about James and so Trump mentioned how by listening to her it sounded like she was basically implying that he should hire James. She replied by saying if he was listening to her then he should hire her and then she would hire James to work for her.

Overall, the criticism was that Stefani seemed like she was always under the radar which raises concerns about her leadership ability and for James the main comment was how he said certain things throughout the process which bothered Trump a lot (I’m not exactly sure which ones he was referring to in particular). Ultimately, James was fired and Stefani was hired. The funny thing is I get to bug my friend a bit now as near the beginning of the season we both just took an educational guess on who would win and he chose James and I chose Stefani. Aside from personality reasons, a big reason I chose her was the way all the video editing was done as it reminded me a lot of the previous winners in regards to the type of airtime they were getting to make everyone look a certain way.

This season wasn’t too exciting overall I’d say. I was disappointed that there wasn’t a final one on one task either as we didn’t really get to see how the final two would function on their own. As mentioned, maybe they were running out of ideas or couldn’t arrange a big enough task event. There weren’t any previews for a next season either, though I doubt it is going to be the last at this point. It was a new experience blogging about each episode as well. Too bad I didn’t start doing this earlier as it would have been great to have a collection of it. Till next time.


  • joewatch 4/24/2007

    Dude, the Apprentice isn’t that great of a show. I stopped watching after season 2.

  • Alan Yu 4/24/2007

    The first couple of seasons were the best I thought. For myself, I think it is more about the scenarios as, speaking for myself, things in general are usually more interesting if you can relate to it in some way. I personally don’t think the show is this extravaganza type of event in terms of being entertaining. It’s more about seeing how different people deal with similar obstacles. I watch things like 24 if it is just purely for entertainment.

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