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The Apprentice Season Six – Episode 12

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This is one of the more confrontational episodes that I have seen so far, but at the same time it was very interesting I thought. Team Arrow and Team Kinetic are no more now as everyone had to break up in three teams of two. The team pairs were James and Stefani, Kristine and Nicole with the last pair being Frank and Heidi.

Originally Frank wanted to team up with Nicole, but when asked who she would want to team up with she brought up how Tim was fired and that she was worried that people would think that she would be distraught over that which would affect her work. Frank then asked if she was emotionally hurt over that which got her riled up as she took offense to it. Talk about the wrath of a women scorned. Kristine thought that it was a great opportunity to show that she is better than Heidi which ultimately led to the pairings that we see.

For the task this time around, the teams had to do a task for Trump where in Las Vegas he built a building called Trump International Hotel and Tower which is already sold out. Because of that, he decided to build another one and he wanted the teams to create an advertising and promotional campaign for it. The team that had the worst campaign, which would be determined by his son and himself, would be the two people to get fired.

Whenever you do a presentation it is important to establish a theme for it as demonstrated here. James and Stefani came up with “The Height of Luxury”, Kristine and Nicole’s was “Gold Has Never Been So High” and Frank and Heidi didn’t seem to have a theme initially. It seemed that the only pair who saw eye to eye and functioned well together was James and Stefani. The other pairs seemed to constantly clash in terms of personality and work style. Essentially, they all took footages of the building and came up with a video and brochure to present.

James and Stefani was up first and their presentation was very organized and appealing. Kristine and Nicole’s presentation was a complete disaster. At first they couldn’t get the presentation to display and for the entire presentation their speeches seemed very slurred at times as it didn’t seem like they were very confident in it at all. A big detail came up though as Trump noticed that in the brochure that they made there were different numbers listed. It turns out that one of the numbers was to another company that isn’t even affiliated with Trump and Kristine was at fault for that.

Frank and Heidi’s presentation wasn’t too good either as the lack of an established theme made the whole thing a little weird. Heidi appeared as if she was improvising the whole thing based on tidbits of information about the building. In the end Heidi mentions their theme was “World Class Luxury” as Trump was confused on what the theme was about. The brochure was also not very appealing as it consisted of mostly a black page with a lot of text information. As apparent, James and Stefani won the task and because of how bad the other two teams have done, instead of getting rid of two people from one team Trump decided that he wanted to fire one person from each team.

For Frank and Heidi it came down to the brochure. Heidi was extremely distressed over the situation as everything she said was inconsistent and Frank simply stood his ground and called her out on that. He pretty much gave her no room to breathe and it wasn’t even close I thought. It was one of the more vicious battles I have seen so far and ultimately Heidi just kind of gave up and Trump eventually decided to fire her. Without even hesitating or giving her a chance to speak, Trump then immediately said that Kristine was fired as well as a result of her placing the wrong number on the brochure. She tried to save herself, but it didn’t help at all. Here are some clips from it:

I thought this episode actually showed a lot of useful information and it’s good that the candidates don’t have to sleep in those tents anymore. I personally don’t think that added any value to the program. Kristine’s incident was interesting as there are times where I hear people in a working environment say things such as “People screw up and so it should be acceptable”. It’s interesting because everyone has their own opinions on what constitutes as too big of a mistake.

I was told an example before where a person who was working for a company was dealing with a customer that claimed a certain product was cheaper than what was listed. Now the employee wasn’t too knowledgeable about it herself and figured that the customer was right as she was shown a sign that kind of made it look like she was right. While the product should normally be $400+, she sold it to the customer for about $50. The box color and all was the same, except think of it as kind of like a software product where one is a basic version and one is a complete one. To her, it was simply a “Oh well, people make mistakes”. Some people would consider that okay. To me, there are too many things wrong about that with the most important one being that the person didn’t really care about her error. I mean, an 800% difference is huge and imagine if it was something bigger.

I guess the important thing in these types of situations is that you be true to who you are while at the same time being genuinely accountable for what you do.

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