The Apprentice Season Six – Episode 11
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The Apprentice Season Six – Episode 11

There sure was a lot of drama this episode. It started to feel like a scripted soap opera where bad events happened right on cue. The episode started off where it left off last time in regards to questioning about Tim’s loyalty and whether or not he is a disloyal person as Trump made a comment about that before. Tim then got placed on the spot as his team questioned and tried to figure out if he was on their side or Nicole’s. Basically, he was like a punching bag with targets everywhere as there wasn’t really one answer that he could give that would result in repercussions. Love life and business is a dangerous thing to mix up I guess.

The task this time around was that the two teams would create an advertising supplement that would be issued with the Los Angeles Times newspaper for a product called Smart Mouth. The product is basically a mouth wash and so the two teams had to create the advertisement ranging from taking photos and designing the advertisement piece. Whichever piece the executives of Mouth Wash liked the most would win.

Team Arrow’s approach was to use everyday people in a photo shoot to act as if they woke up with very bad morning breath to show that this product was for everyone. On top of that, part of the advertisement would also include some very scientific details on how the product works. Team Kinetic went for more of an emotional appeal approach where the girls on the team decided to use themselves as the models. Basically, the advertisement portrayed the product as being used by glamorous people/professionals. They also included an advertisement design that looked like the paper was shaped like the product itself.

Members of Team Arrow seemed to be on different wavelengths as they didn’t seem to be united. Nothing seemed to be going their way as well as they showed one part where their cell phone batteries died and so they couldn’t communicate with each other. In the end, Team Kinetic’s approach was favored more as the executives commented on how Team Arrow’s piece was confusing in comparison.

In the boardroom the main issue that was brought was about Tim’s loyalty again and how that caused a ruckus with the team which affected their performance. So again, he was the target of scrutiny. When he was asked that question again on whether or not he was loyal to Nicole or the team, he tried to go with the safe answer on how neither of them are mutually exclusive. That kind of placed him in the bad light right away. Overall, it came down to Frank and team as the keyword for the loss was “distraction” and so they were both trying to show how one was worse over the other.

Trump gave a very interesting comment when James was arguing with Tim. He mentioned how he loved to watch people when they lose as you learn a lot about them during those moments. I can definitely agree with that on how a lot of people show their true colors during really hard times. Tim’s last resort was to imply that Frank is more of an errand type of person whereas he can do that and so much more. Frank countered pretty viciously by saying how this is an interview process and that if Tim was serious he wouldn’t have got himself mingled up in a relationship. Tim responded by saying that’s life, but that didn’t bode too well with Trump as it was clear to him that Nicole was a distraction to him despite him saying otherwise. As expected, Tim was fired. He made a funny comment at the end saying “I am going to be grayed out on the NBC website now. I hate that”.

I’ve personally only seen a workplace romance take place once in my lifetime so far in very serious way and it sure was a distraction for everyone. You knew that when those two had an office meeting that it wasn’t entirely business related. Although, I have definitely read stories of it working out for many too. Either way, it’s pretty hard to imagine how getting involved with someone in a work/business related environment would not hinder your performance in some way. In a kind of related example, I once saw a couple who was married and the wife was actually the owner of the company. The husband was the second in command it seemed but he still argued back as if he was the boss. I think in a regular circumstance he would have been fired or disciplined but you know that would have just come up later outside of the workplace. It’s like a no win situation.

Some people would say that you just have to learn to control your urges and emotions in these situations as there is a time and place for everything. Is there such a thing as a compromise in this type of situation? Kind of hard to say, but for the most part I’d say it’s probably wiser to avoid getting involved with someone in these types of circumstances as while I’m sure you will receive a lot of initial satisfaction, you are setting yourself up for a lot of challenges as well.

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