Temu Lost Shipment And Credit Refund Process

Temu Lost Shipment And Credit Refund Process

This was interesting as with all that advertising hype about the platform Temu decided to give it a try. I wasn’t expecting too much and since the company is overseas I figured the shipping would b e slow. So I made a small order where it seemed like there were issues with the tracking. But recently it stated that the item was with Canada post and that it would be up to them to fulfill it.

Weeks actually went by with no deliveries or updates where at one point it said it arrived here in Canada and was ready to be shipped. But even that kept being delayed or whatever reason. I guess eventually, the company determined it to be a lost shipment since it took so long. As it would appear, they issued a refund for the original order and as well gave a five-dollar credit towards a future purchase.

They even mentioned that if I happen to get the shipment that I can just keep it as they say quote “If the package does arrive, you don’t need to return it. Feel free to keep, donate or recycle it. Typically, it takes 5-14 business days, up to 30 days (depending on your financial institution) to reflect a refund in your original payment account.” It makes me wonder, does the credit entice you to try again?

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