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Taking Shortcuts With Errors In Business

I thought this was kind of interesting. With me talking about banks recently, I just received a letter from my bank stating how as a valued customer they have decided to increase my transaction limits where I can now withdraw larger amounts of funds at once through electronic transactions. I’m not really sure if that will benefit me in anyway though. Apparently the letter was dated as being sent on the 15th which just happens to be the same date as the blog post on how banks should be fighting to get your business. Interesting coincidence I must say.

But anyways, the funny thing was the introduction in the letter. I’m assuming the bank has this generic template that they just send out to everyone with the only difference coming from changing the name of the person that the letter is being addressed to along with different figures. Now for the letter they sent me there was a typo as you can see here:

I guess they used the wrong template or something as they addressed me as “Ms. Alan Yu” at first. Instead of re-doing it, they simply decided to write over the printed text with a pen as they wrote an “R” over the “s”. The good thing is at least it showed that they actually proof read it or that an actual person took the time to write and prepare this letter as oppose to it being an automated thing that everyone got at the same time. At the same time, in many ways things like this can hurt the professional image that they are trying to portray as well I thought. It’s almost like having an important presentation where you accidentally ripped a slide pretty badly and instead of printing a new one you tape it up in hopes that no one will notice or care.

I guess if you are a large corporation you have better odds of getting away with things like this with little to no large repercussions. I’m personally extremely picky in terms of quality and trying to give the best, so maybe I’m a little bias in saying that when it comes to you having to provide a product or service to someone else, every person counts and what you put out often brings back something of equal quality. I think this is even more important if you are say a smaller business or starting out as you have enough challenges to deal with then to let simple things like this potentially have a huge impact on your overall image and operations. If you know yourself that something is bad, get it done right instead I’d say instead of trying to slip it through.

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