Taking Notice of Passive Business Spammers

Taking Notice of Passive Business Spammers

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It got me thinking today as I noticed a person who was posting comments on a website where at first it seems like he is contributing to a conversation. That’s always good I suppose. But the other thing I noticed was that every comment the person posted they would use it as an opportunity to try and plug their business and services. It genuinely makes me wonder if people don’t think others notice this.

I know for myself when I notice this it usually rubs me the wrong way and kind of indicates potentially insincerity in their participation. Almost like a person that goes to a charity event not so much because they believe in the cause but rather it’s an opportunity to potentially meet people who they can introduce their services to.

That’s why for myself I usually keep tabs per se on people who do that as it makes me rethink about potentially doing any kind of business with them. I mean it’s good to hustle but the ethics in essentially faking an interest in something to potentially get a reward doesn’t sit right with me personally.

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