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Taking No Risk With Public Hysteria

There was more interesting airline news today where a video surfaced which was promoting the narrative that airlines treat customers really bad in the US ever since that United Airlines story went viral. In this case it involved American Airlines where there was a video. Except in this case it didn’t exactly show the whole incident from beginning to end.

From what I gather it seemed like a lady tried to bring in a stroller which couldn’t fit in the storage and so they needed to remove it. Then according to the things I read the lady didn’t want to do that and refused to cooperate. A flight attendant then attempted to take the stroller out and while carrying it out I suppose he hit her with it. Whether or not it was an accident is unclear as again the video didn’t show everything.

What you could see after is that the lady was crying and another passenger essentially threatened the employee to a fight of sorts where he kind of dared him to. For the most part it seems like people are automatically siding against the airline which makes sense due to all the hysteria surrounding the industry. Again though, you really can’t tell what the exact story is since the video didn’t show everything.

It seems like the airline’s action though was to suspend the employee while upgrading that passenger to first class. In many ways it made me think how as a business I guess they didn’t really want to take any chances to repeat a United Airlines PR disaster and so they were quick to react this way. To me personally I honestly can’t immediately tell who was right or wrong as in some cases I am inclined to say the lady was playing it up a bit based on the video.

But it’s interesting from a business perspective where I suppose sometimes it’s better to just quickly accept responsibility in all fashion.

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