Taking Money If A Customer Isn’t Gaining

Taking Money If A Customer Isn’t Gaining

For the past couple of weeks there was a topic I often heard where if you run some kind of business selling a product or service that isn’t helping the consumer or client yet they continue to do business with you would you welcome the business regardless? Example, imagine you ran a health food store where there was a person who really wanted to lose weight and so they kept buying this diet pill that does nothing for them. Would you welcome the business still or stop them? This could be anything else too such as offering consulting services where your advice isn’t getting the person anywhere.

Technically you aren’t doing anything wrong and I know many people would say you are simply silly if you turn down profit for your business. In many ways that is true. At the same time, it wouldn’t look good for one’s reputation huh? Another thing to think about too is would you actually generate more business by being honest with the person and directing them to someone or something else that may actually work for them even if it is a competitor?

In my opinion, that is probably the better way to go. Especially nowadays where with things like social media even one case study of a “failure” can probably hurt your bottom line in so many ways. Not to mention you’ll probably feel better too where you are actually helping the person as opposed to draining their bank accounts.

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