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Taking Advantage of The Weather

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It’s pretty hot here in Vancouver even though it is not officially summer yet. Not surprisingly, I see a ton of places selling items such as fans as people are looking for ways to cool off their homes. I was talking to a person who was complaining about it too. I usually try to do the opposite where instead of fighting with the weather I try to see if there are things where the hot weather would be an advantage.

Example, usually when you exercise or do any extreme flexibility routines it is recommended that you warm up good. Therefore, this weather actually helps you with that. So instead of spending all this money to fight with the weather and trying to live as if it is say an Autumn season, I try to find ways to adapt to the situation first as oppose to just throwing money into it.

I actually saw a vehicle that I thought was clever too. Basically, most people use an air conditioner when it is extremely hot and sunny. As a result, with this concept the car’s air conditioner can actually be powered through solar power. Examples like that are so great I think.

Likewise, it can be a great opportunity too. Most likely you can get great times to shoot outdoor pictures or videos for example which you can in turn find ways to monetize it. Instead of just dreading over it thinking you have to spend tons of money to adapt to the weather, look at it as opportunity I’d say.

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