Taking Advantage of Success In Other Ways Immediately

Taking Advantage of Success In Other Ways Immediately

This got me thinking as I recently saw a person who was an athlete apparently and was featured on TV plenty of times during their peak to the point here you would assume the person would be set for life and have all the media exposure they could ever want. Of course, good things come to and end and it would appear now the person started up their own business. As you would expect too, plenty of people who followed their work previously continued to follow them on social media.

But that was the surprising thing as despite their past success and decent pool of fans their new venture and work that they produced on their own doesn’t seem to get much traction. In many ways, it feels like they are the same as any other entrepreneur. That’s crazy to think about as most people fight hard to try to even get a little bit of the spotlight for their business.

I suppose what it does show is if you ever find yourself in that fortunate position in life then it may be wise to start diversifying yourself to take advantage of that extra attention assuming you can legally as many times people do have non compete clauses for high profile jobs. That could be as simple as establishing a social media presence that you personally own and operate which is fully yours even after you exit whatever industry that currently may be.

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