Taking Advantage of Rules or Laws That Are Contradicting

Taking Advantage of Rules or Laws That Are Contradicting

So apparently we are going to be getting crowd restrictions again due to COVID concerns. I suppose restricting venues to people who are vaccinated wasn’t enough. While most businesses fear that restrictions can mean even more losses, one thing that jumped out to me was how the guidelines are so contradicting where it could benefit certain businesses.

More specifically, there is a part that mentions how large events can essentially take place if here is under 1000 people. Anything else requires a fifty percent capacity reduction. But now look at the restrictions they are imposing on the everyday person where they are demanding that you are limited to people within your household and 10 visitors or 1 other household. Think about that. So essentially if you wanted a traditional Christmas dinner with friends and family at a house you can’t do that but apparently you all go pay to have dinner at a restaurant instead.

That doesn’t really make logical sense does it from a safety perspective? But it did make me think how that would benefit a business though which would love people to spend money with them to do so. There are often a lot of examples like these where even though a business knows it doesn’t make sense I highly doubt they would be the first one to say anything if it benefits them correct?

I guess you could argue that is a dumb thing to do business wise if you can benefit from it. But to me it just seems so wrong.

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