Taking Advantage of A Return Policy
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Taking Advantage of A Return Policy

This is one of those things that I heard today where it just seems kind of wrong as a way to save money. Essentially, there was a couple that was trying to save money on their wedding and one thing they really wanted to do was take pictures and videos. Unfortunately, their camera and camcorder was pretty old and so this could potentially be a big investment.

Their idea to save money was to go to a retail store and purchase the most expensive item that produced the best quality. However, the plan was right after the wedding they would simply return the item claiming the product didn’t live up to their expectations. Basically, they got to rent the equipment for free by abusing the return policy of a business.

My immediate thoughts on why this is bad is it’s kind of like the saying of it takes one rotten apple to spoil the whole bunch. In this case I am pretty sure companies would want to implement things like a restocking fee to avoid this where unfortunately it would affect people who legitimately wanted to return the item for valid reasons.

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