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Sue Happy Individuals

Recently there seems to be a large influx of lawsuits being thrown around for what looks like to me as an attempt from certain individuals looking to make some easy money by taking advantage of the system that is normally in place to protect people. Most recently is that case I have been reading where a lady named Anna Ayala claims that there was a finger in her bowl of chilli that she ordered from a Wendy’s restaurant. She then tried to sue the company for this but it turns out that she has a history of filing lawsuits against companies for various reasons and she has recently been arrested as the police investigates her claims in this case and her past. This case is not yet closed, so I can’t say whether or not she is guilty or not.

Although, it just amazes on how there are so many scam artists out there and they are just getting more creative every day. I remember one event in the past about an old lady that apparently got trampled at the entrance of a Wal-Mart store as there was a big DVD player sale on that day and as the door opened she got knocked down by the crowd as they disregarded her and she was injured as a result of that. She decided to sue Wal-Mart for the incident to receive financial compensation, but in the end it was discovered that she did indeed staged the event and was guilty of similar events in the past. Obviously she was banking on some quick money and her gamble didn’t pay off. I bet there must be some other interesting stories out there that I have yet to hear where people were actually successful in getting money from large corporations.

With all that time and creativity one probably has to put into accomplishing such a goal, I’m surprised that they just don’t do it the ethical way and use that creativity to make something that will also benefit others and as a result they would be compensated for it. In my opinion, financial wealth is pointless if you have no one to share your success with. It’s like saying, what good is being the leader of a world if you are the only one in it?

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