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Strangest Plea For Money I Ever Heard

Today I was stopped by a stranger who at first seemed like she simply wanted to ask me for some directions. However, she then began telling a story how her vehicle has just been towed and she is about $17 short from paying the fees to get her vehicle back. She then started to “cry” explaining how her baby’s items are in the car which is important for her to get back. If the fact that she was “crying” with no tears didn’t make it suspicious enough, it didn’t make sense to me on how she didn’t have a baby with her.

So, I informed her I couldn’t help her with the money. However, if the main issue was getting her baby’s items from the car I mentioned that the towing company would probably be open to taking the stuff out of the car if it is of that importance. She then said okay and the “crying” stopped in an instant. As I walked away I noticed she was still walking behind and seeming perfectly normal without any distress.

Obviously I can’t prove 100% that the story is fake, even though all the signs would say otherwise, I was thinking how not trying to use a sensational story would probably get more people to help you in this case. I know for myself I would love to help people create solutions to solve their problems as opposed to just throwing money at it as well. Especially if it is a negative situation that repeats itself.

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