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Strangers And Money

Just the other day I noticed this person that was trying to rally up a couple of people to chip in to buy lottery tickets for an upcoming draw. The twist was that he was looking for complete strangers as he thought it would be an interesting story if a bunch of strangers got to together and just happened to have won. Sure enough, he didn’t really get much response.

He was then saying it was probably a dumb idea now that he looks back at it as most people just simply won’t trust strangers with money in this way. For the record, the group would have had to sign a lottery ticket contract to avoid any dubious claims.

That was an interesting remark I thought as there are a ton of stories out there where just say a couple of strangers got together just to end up creating something very profitable. I would say for this kind of a situation as long as everything is done in a very public and open way I wouldn’t have too much of an issue about the stranger aspects.

I personally never ventured into anything with a complete stranger yet, but it would be an interesting experience.

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