Stopping Your Routine When You Experience Massive Growth

Stopping Your Routine When You Experience Massive Growth

I observed something interesting the other day where there was a radio show of sort that consistently produced a new show every day where they seem to talk about news topics. From what I gather they had a decent following but nothing compared to a more mainstream source. So recently they published a piece that seemed to hit a nerve and they generated a ton of listeners as a result. I guess your first thought would be now is the time to start pumping stuff out since so many people are watching right?

They seemed to have taken a different approach and do nothing. They even announced that there won’t be any shows for a week or so. It would appear that since they are getting so many more people for this one topic they don’t want to take attention away from it as it may get lost if they continue to produce their regular work. So instead they want to ride it out to see how far it can go. It seems to be working too.

Kind of an interesting way to approach it. I guess an example that would be semi similar is imagine you have a retail business that sells almost everything. One day this one item you are carrying gets you massive amount of traffic and customers. Like there I think the first thought would be fantastic, let’s try to put more stuff on the shelf to get them to buy more. Instead the business begins to only carry that one item non-stop as the demand isn’t ending. I suppose both can work and it’s interesting to know that they can.

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